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Redefine Your Badass  Self –DRUGFREE

Are you tired of waking up sick? Homeless? Alone? Hungry? And Cold?
You can have a life free from the bondage heroin and other drugs.
You can find freedom from the shame, regret, and guilt of your past.
You can create the most awesome version of your badass self.
And Arise Recovery Coaching in NYC will NAVIGATE your journey from active addiction into a life in recovery.
Stay informed, get free recovery resources, and join the hundreds of others who are finding freedom from heroin and other drugs.

How many times have you been to Detox, Inpatient, and Outpatient for your substance use disorder?

Hell, your insurance won’t cover another inpatient treatment. Not to mention your employer is tired of you taking 30-day sick leaves, at the newest ClubMed.

Are you tired of hearing – “Go to AA or NA and get a sponsor; it worked for me?”

You don’t feel powerless. You hate calling yourself an alcoholic. And you are willing to change.


What if there is a better way? A way where you can

  • Manage cravings, triggers, and high-risk situations by developing an armory of coping skills and strategies
  • Find peer support groups that you enjoy spending time with
  • Keep your job, stay in school, fix or leave behind broken relationships when possible, or get off the streets
  • Create a recovery plan unique to you
  • AND find fulfillment in early recovery
A man stands with his head in his hands he is worried his addiction to heroin is to big to handle he wants to hire a recovery coach in NYC but he isn't sure what to do.
A man relizes  an arise recovery coach can help him create a recovery plan and find freedom form heroin and other drugs

Relax and take a breath. You’re in the right place.

Professional recovery coaches guide you in forging your path in a lifestyle for recovery.

A professional recovery draws upon extensive training, self-study, and continued learning combined with experience, strength, and hope from their past.

The Arise Recovery Coach Model relies upon a proven system for recovery, accountability, and a documented process for tracking and analysis of your expectations, goals,  and recovery milestones.



How it works

How it works Step 1 Analyze and screen client and arise recovery coach

1. Discovery meeting – get acquainted (30 Minutes), Decide if we are a good fit for each other. If yes, assess past use, treatment, if any, what has worked in the past, goals, and plans for your future — complete recovery capital scale assessment (30 Minutes).

Step 2. Recovery Capital  Goal setting with arise recovery coach

2. Set unique goals and objectives for your recovery plan based upon your recovery capital score and the Arise Systems for Recovery Action Plan. Meet at least 2x/week for 45-60 minutes, discuss progress on goals, triggers, cravings, and unique coping strategies.

Step 3. Continue to analyze and track progress

3. Continued analysis and tracking of recovery goals and plans. Recovery coach meetings decrease in frequency. You will engage and connect with recovery events, support groups, peer networks, and new healthy relationships.

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