I'm Johnny, A Recovery Coach in NYC

Do you seek freedom from the obsession to use heroin and other drugs?

A Recovery Coach in NYC:

• Meets you where YOU are at in your recovery
• Recognizes that YOU are in recovery when you say you are
• Guides YOU in creating your personal plan for sobriety

If Your Tired of Self-Limiting Beliefs & Unwanted Behaviors controlling your life, Invest in a recovery coach in NYC today.


Get a Recovery Coach in NYC Today
An image of a man on a letter grabbing a key and a keyhole is on the right of the image - Key Symbolizes the recovery coach in NYC being the key to this mans future.

Why you’ll benefit from a Recovery Coach in NYC –

Your Recovery Coach is a guide.

Together you and your Recovery Coach will embark on a daunting journey in recovery.

It will be difficult at times and you might feel like giving up.

Your Recovery Coach is insurance against unforeseen events,
a mentor using past experiences to suggest routes you can follow.
And a friend you can trust to have your back,

When you choose Arise Recovery Coaching in NYC you will get a service which is Client-Directed.

The one-on-one work you and I will practice will include a personal recovery plan which follows the Arise Recovery Coaching System®.

The Arise Recovery Coaching System® is a
Client-directed -Your personal plan to help you pursue a life of happiness and fulfillment in Recovery
• Strengths-based GOAL 
oriented plan to enrich your quality of life in Recovery
• Recovery plan 
designed to help you achieve your goals, defeat self-limiting beliefs, and dispute negative self-talk!

The clients I serve receive 100% confidential, personal one-on-one recovery coaching services:
• In-person
• Telephone
• Skype©, We-Chat©, or Zoom© video call.

I work with clients who wish to embark on a path of harm reduction, medication assisted treatment, and ultimately, sobriety.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced a recent relapse, or you’ve finally had enough pain, misery, and devastation and getting sober sounds good, I can help you find a sense of fulfillment. Help you find purpose in a life for recovery.

I look forward to speaking with you about how I can help you
• Stay focused on your journey in recovery
• Maintain peak levels of wellness and self-care
• Find relief from doubt and fear
• Participate in more rewarding positive experiences on the road to recovery
• And so much more!

What others have to say about having a Recovery Coach in NYC:

Working with Johnny over the past 18 months. I have peace of mind now. It wasn’t easy.  I slipped several times and each time he understood and helped me through the lapse before it became a daily problem.  His down-to-earth approach and understanding made me feel safe to admit when I slipped. I’ve had therapists who were judgemental, pushy, and argumentative.  Johnny keeps me feeling safe, and picking up the phone. I meet with him several times a week. Life is getting better. 

David R.

Programmer, -Not disclosed

John Makohen Site owner and A recovery Coach in NYC

Where does my authority to coach you come from?

I’m Johnny. I’m a Certified Professional Recovery Coach, Peer Advocate, and CASAC-II in NY State.

Not only do I coach clients and work with patients in traditional substance use treatment facilities, but I also train coaches and clinicians to serve others in the addiction recovery industry.

I’ve learned a great deal about addiction, getting up, dusting myself off, and climbing back into a life of recovery. I use my experience, strength and hope to guide you along your path in recovery.

I believe in a holistic approach to addiction. I use an approach that involves strengthening the body through exercise and nutrition, the mind through reading and learning, and the soul by helping others find their own personal spiritual path of enlightenment.


Lastly, I would like to say that I am glad you are taking the step to changing the person heroin or other drugs have shaped 

You don’t have to remain in a self-made hell.

There are choices and right now you are taking the first step towards spiritual and mental freedom from the chains of addiction.   

I know you don’t wake up in the morning and choose to knock-off a liquor store, rob and old man at the ATM, or lie to your family and friends.

It’s a dangerous cycle of chemical dependence, stuck in a risk then reward loop, and overcoming past traumatic events.

You might be thinking – “This all sounds great Johnny, but what do you know about how I feel?

You need life experience?”

Life Experience Homeless, Alone, Hungry, and Cold

5 overdoses, abuse, homeless on the streets, in squats, on both coasts, prisoner, college graduate, tattoo artist, punk rock musician.

​Abuse and dependence on narcotics, alcohol and other drugs are on the rise.

Heroin-related deaths in the USA are reaching shocking levels.

The disease of addiction/substance abuse dependence does not discriminate.

Unfortunately, anyone can be diagnosed with this disease, at any age, and from any social class, ethnicity, and profession.  

All a person needs to do is open the door and let the demon addiction inside to take all life.

I hope that these stories will help people in the clutches of addiction or stop someone from ever reaching for a hit of whatever it is that will stop the hurt.

I honestly feel in my heart that we need love and support and I aim to give this to all people caught in the throes of addiction.

Yes, some are sicker than others! I remember this and continually treat individuals without borders, discrimination, or fear. I have heard it all and quite frankly seen more! 

You deserve love. Sometimes you have to peel away more layers to find beauty, but seeking the beauty is always worth it. Beauty can always be found. 


Homeless, Alone, Hungry, and Cold: Street Junky


This is an excerpt from my memoir soon to be published about my time on the streets and the rise from the chains. 

The nightmare begins, “A moment alone in the darkness with the demon withdrawal or is he an angel in disguise?

My blood pressure begins to elevate, her claws twisting and contorting my spine, sinking deeper, legs kicking, eyes so sensitive to light, bile working its way out of my stomach into my throat, it burns, the constant jackhammer hammering’ the fuck out of my brain,

I pound my head against the wall, a small relief each time my brain bounces of my skull, the pain ebbs for a minute, freezing then sweating then freezing again, and every inch of my wretched body screaming to fed, cured, and fixed once again.

Life has become a constant struggle to keep the forces of withdrawal, of dope-sickness, of endless pain and hunger away. To me being dope-sick is the worse feeling in the world.

My body screams and writhes in pain as it waits impatiently to be led from the tortures of this inescapable hell. The agony gnaws and pulls.

The body knows that the slightest push of the plunger and all the agonizing nightmares of this self-made prison can be washed away like the last traces of winter are erased from the landscape with an incessant thunder-storm of early spring.

Heroin, my confidant, friend, my darkest lover I have opened my heart and soul for your embrace.

Heroin, my darkest lover.

Heroin, my cruelest jailer! Within these pages you’ll find a boy raped of childhood, running from the truth, running from myself, running from friends and family, sometimes running from the devil herself.

No one ever really knowing what’s hiding inside intricately woven facades. I’m constantly reshaping my fears and failures into powerful allies.


Needless to say I know a little bit about living with a heroin use disorder


If I were given the chance to take it all back, I wouldn’t do it any differently.

My life was hard, tough, sometimes pathetic, and this is what shaped this man.

I enjoy the life I have and look forward to the journey’s next path.

This is what I hope to plant in each troubled soul I work with, a sense of peace, an idea of self-esteem worth change, and serenity of mind, body, and soul.

And this is why an Arise Recovery Coach in NYC will be a vital tool to you reaching building a path to fulfillment in recovery.

I’ve found my path in recovery and I follow that path daily.

I want you to create the life of your dreams without the obsession to use heroin and other opiate drugs.

Recovery Coach in NYC Testimonials

Johnny rocks. He gets it. His experiences in his addiction have helped me get a perspective on where my life was heading. I couldn’t wake up without dope. I couldn’t work without dope. I was sinking. I met Johnny and we clicked instantly. He listened, understood, and never makes me feel like I am being judged. He knows what it feels like to want to quit and do everything to not quit. He puts me in place when I make excuses and I make plenty. But I never feel threatened or belittled. He empowers me to be the best I can be without heroin.

App Developer, Self-employed

What can I say about Johnny? He has done what all others couldn’t do. Johnny helped me through my stigma to methadone. I have been on and off MMTP, since early 1990. I would use on weekends. I never believed that methadone was not substitution and my family, therapist, and psychiatrist didn’t help. Instead, these people all made my stigma worse. Always asking when I would get off replacement therapy. Johnny didn’t do this, instead, he nurtured me, helped me work through my beliefs about methadone and I can honestly say that I have not used in 2 years now. I’m down from 165 mg to 18 mg and Johnny has helped me relaize if its 18 or 2 mg of methadone I need to keep me from living a life in pain, lying, cheating, and stealing then it is okay. I make it to my job. I’m happy. I take my psych meds. Today I have better relationships with my husband, children, therapists, and LMHC becuase Johnny advocates for me and my recovery.
Linda M

Home Health Aide, Self-employed

Infographic showing you why a recovery coach in NYC will guide you to what you want your life to in recovery to resemble. A

Working with Me a Recovery Coach in NYC

I believe you can have the life of your dreams, one full of love, confidence, and freedom from the obsession to use heroin.  When you pursue this life, you have a positive effect on the community you live in.

It takes support, accountability, and empowerment to succeed. Johann Hari has coined the phrase, “Addiction is the opposite of connection.” Building connections and healthy relationships at home, work, school, and the community. Acceptance and belonging create a sense of structure, security, and comfort.

When working with me all I ask is that you keep an open mind, self-awareness, and the readiness to take action. Arise Recovery Services is driven by helping you heal the relationships your heroin use disorder has broken. I advocate for you. I help you build self-awareness, confidence, and esteem.

Here’s how it works:

  • During your first call or meeting, you and I will decide if I’m a proper fit for one another. I will then ask you to complete a personal assessment so that you and I can both get a clear picture of what heroin or other opiates have done to your life and what you want to get out of recovery.
  • You and I will meet again via phone, video chat, or in-person to discuss how we can work together to meet your goals and expectations.
  • Once you decide to work with me you will set your goals and the actions you will make to achieve fulfillment in a life free from heroin.
  • Once you and I have a plan we will meet regularly to implement and achieve your highest potential in a lifestyle of recovery.

Why a Recovery Coach in NYC will help you create the life of fulfillment

I was on a race to the grave. Heroin and Harleys are dangerous. I met Johnny after my last crash, in an emergency room. He happened to be there with a friend who had OD’d.  I overheard him talking to the guy next to my stretcher. He didn’t sound like a typical doctor, so I had to see who was talking. I pulled the curtain back and interrupted him. He gave me a crass look, but I pushed through the look and told him I had to quit doing dope or I ‘d die. He smiled and said, “Yeah, you’re right.” He gave me his number and said call me when your ready. But he called me the next morning at 8 am. I was still in the ER waiting to get my leg put back together. I haven’t been an Angel. I fought him at first, but he stuck by me, introduced me to a sober bike club. Today I still ride, but now I get high on the freedom of the road. Ride hard. Live harder.
Tommy M.

Bike Shop Owner, Private

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